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Acumatica’s Cloud ERP General Business Edition simplifies your financials, reporting, and CRM by putting the tools in the palm of your hands, virtually anywhere. Most businesses are adopting the work-from-home model, so as the business world becomes fully digital you deserve an ERP like Acumatica that will maintain your business’s continuity, while enabling flexibility and efficiency from anywhere.

Acumatica’s General Business Edition will streamline your business’s growth by offering the following services: Core Financials and Project Accounting. Customer Management. and Reporting and Business Intelligence. Our smart ERP software will revolutionize your business.

Why General Business Edition can benefit your business:


  • Efficiency – Comprehensive accounting suite. able to manage several companies. currencies and branches: available from any device.


  • Control Costs – With greater visibility and control over spending habits. you can track project costs. projected budget vs actual budget comparisons. and revenue.


  • Customer Satisfaction – Unlimited user pricing allows all members full visibility into customer interactions. including pre- and post-sale interactions.


  • Transparency – Acumatica’s smart ERP software provides transparency over reports. dashboards. and queries. allowing for everyone to be in-the-loop.